everything happens so much

by Krystalle Franz

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released February 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Krystalle Franz Chicago, Illinois

Krystalle is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago
This is her first full-length EP, "Everything Happens So Much"
Currently working on her second yet to be titled EP

(All tracks were recorded at WCMC Studios in Chicago, IL)
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Track Name: the swell
So I had a beginning somewhere
I don't really know
And how is a girl to know
All that there is to know

That love is not deeper than the ocean
That time is not devotion
That we get lost in the motions
That we all drown in this ocean?

And how can this heart of mine
already be so cold?
And I hardly know
what it means, how it feels to grow old

But I know love is not deeper than the ocean
That time is not devotion
We just go through the motions
You will drown in my ocean

I will not love you - I won't
You will not love me - you won't

We are not friends
We are not blood
We are all just animals waiting for the flood

I did not ask for this fate
But you gave me this name
There is blood and there is pain and there is blame
The ocean's tides swell again

I will not love you, I won't
You will not have me, you won't
Track Name: the beast
Duty calls me to the shore
Calling my name, calling my name
Telling me to be something more

And how can I fight a beast
With no hands, with no name?
At the end of the day there's no one left to blame

Just ourselves and the hearts that we break
Hearts of steel still need to be made

Why do the beggars still get to choose?
When there's something at stake, something at stake
We all have to lose
Maybe this time, you'll win the prize
Maybe this time you'll see in his eyes

He's the beast - he'll only feed on your lies
He'll prey on you for the rest of your life
Take my love, the point of no return
Take it all - what's left to learn?

I will wait for us to burn
Track Name: august
You could say I loved once
I wouldn't disagree
But you lied through your teeth
And the truth made you weak -
You could never love me

But I spoke and you didn't reply
Not with words anyway
Just a look in your eye that said
"I've nothing left - go on your way"

So I packed my bags
And I caught that train
Stowed my heart away
So you'd never find it again

I would've followed you to the end
Of this road wherever it lead
With regret on my sleeve and a heart full of leaves
Dead and dry from the august heat

But I travelled far
And I made some friends
Learned to live again
But my heart still pays for your sins

There's something left unsaid
A confession or a lie
A song left unsung by the look in your eye
A song left unsung
As if it were too shy
Track Name: cicada
Today I'm shedding this skin
I'm taking you with me
To that place, oh that place
Where love will lose to the ones who pay

I'm trying, I'm begging
Will you stay, will you help me change?
I'm hoping, I'm praying
This feeling won't stray too far

I won't settle for less, for less than what I deserve
Oh darling, darling, darling,
Don't you hit that nerve
I'm not that strong

This is how, this is how it feels to be new
To feel lost and raw
Free from you
Well not you
Just the way you feel

You're trying, you're begging
Make me stay, make me help you change
You're hoping, you're praying
For another way to leave

I won't settle for less, for less than what I deserve
Oh darling, darling, darling
Go ahead, hit that nerve
I'm stronger now

And I'll love you some more
But it's not the same
I'll love you some more
But it's never the same